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Madmouse Web Directory - Submission Terms and Agreement:

Top-level category submissions are allowed with featured listings.
Submit your web site to the most appropriate category.
Free and Regular Links submitted to root categories, will be placed into the most appropriate sub-category.
Sub Domains submissions, subject to approval by Editorial Staff's Discretion.
Featured listings are shown above all regular listings.
Your email address must validate to comfirm your inclusion request. Otherwise, our system will reject your link request.

All Listing Titles
You must use your "Legal Domain Name" for title.
Correct Format: = "Example". 

Incorrect URL: "
It must be submitted as a deeplink".
Correct URL:

Deep Links Submission:
Must be associated with your Domain that you submitted.

Meta Tags Submission:
The title meta tag, up to 50 characters in length.
You are allowed up to "two additional descriptive keywords" in your title for clarification.
Do not repeat your two descriptive keywords more than once in your title.
Correct Format: = "Example"First Descriptive Keyword"Second Descriptive".

The description tag, up to 500 characters in length, must be written in sentence form.
Do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use ALL CAPS in descriptions.
Don't repeat keywords and/or brandname more than twice in your description.
Don't include your email address, phone number or company address in the description.
If you submit to other directories within our network, be sure your description is at least 50% unique to avoid duplicate content.

URL's in the description field. (e.g., subject to approval by Editorial Staff's Discretion.

Submissions that are written strictly for SEO, will be rewritten by one of our editors, or rejected.

No sites containing any adult materials will not be included:
Adult sites or adult related content.
Sites selling sex toys, erotic lingerie, and other related products.
Sites containing sex-oriented advertisements or selling sex-oriented medicines.
Sites containing any gambling online games, as well as advertisements of gambling.
Sites which are web cam oriented.
No refunds will be made for review fees, on these types of sites that are submitted.

No sites containing any illegal materials:
Sites containing libel, child pornography, materials violating the copyright.
Sites containing the propaganda of violence, hatred, racism, vulgarity or fraud.
Sites containing pirate software or links to other sites that contain it.
Sites selling or advertising weapons, ammunition, prescription drugs, narcotics, steroids, and other illegal products.
Sites, linking to such sites as menitioned above.
No refunds will be made for review fees, on these types of sites that are submitted.

Be advised that submitting websites containing adult and illegal content, will be rejected immediately. This also includes, Escort Services, Pornography, Casinos/Gambling, Phamacy/Pill and Payday Loans.

No sites containing the following content:
Sites with poor design and with a lot of advertisements.
Sites containing the over usage of animated images.
Sites broken links or broken images.
Sites with email address, phone number or company address in the description.
Sites that are not in English.
Sites that sell tobacco and electronic cigarettes products.
Sites that are under construction.
Sites that redirect the user to another site.
Mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs.
Sites with annoying popup windows that interfere with viewing the site's main content.
Sites that have too many keywords and are created specially for Search Engines.
Over usage of repeated words is not allowed.
Inappropriate CAPITALIZATI0N of words will not be accepted.
Sites mostly consisting of affiliate links.
Sites made only for displaying adsence or other ad services.
Affiliates and MFA Sites - not allowed.
Free Hosted Sites are not allowed, such as, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, HubPages, etc.

Link Removals:
In the event that you decide that you want your link removed from our directory, you'll need to send that email request from the associated Domain you want removed. This is to ensure that your competitors, or/and malicious individuals, don't get your link removed.

We reserve the right to reject the following types of sites.
Any type of site which contains or links to controversial material. Such as, dating, horoscope, and religious sites.

Terms of Agreement:
We reserve the right, not to refund review fees for sites selling tobacco and electronic cigarettes products.
We reserve the right to accept or reject website(s) we deem both fit and unfit.
We reserve the right, not to refund review fees for sites containing adult material.
We reserve the right to remove your listing without prior notification.
We reserve the right to modify the title and description of any or all web sites we list.
We reserve the right to move your listing to the most appropriate category.
We reserve the right to modify any and all listings to suit our submission guidelines.

If your sites content changes after submission and violates our guidelines in any way, it will be removed.

Review Fees:
Links, are permanent links in our directory, unless specified otherwise.

Please note that review fees, do not guarantee acceptance into our directory. We guarantee, that a human-editor will review your site within 24 to 72 hours and make a decision of acceptance of your submission.
If your site is rejected, your review fee includes one resubmit within 30 days, this will allow you time to fix any of the problems that were recorded by our editors without paying any additional fees.

"Review Fees Subject to Change without Notice"